To submit a maintenance request;
1. Call, 801-748-1044 x 2
2. Online, log in to your tenant portal. Then click the maintenance tab at the top of the screen. (See image below). 
Click here to log into your tenant portal.


******Please Read Below******

Tenant Damages

Damages caused by abuse or misuse will be charged back to you. We will rely on the servicing contractor to tell us what caused the problem.

If plumbing gets clogged due to items dropped in the toilet (toys, brushes, diapers, napkins, any personal items), clogged or misused garbage disposal, the cost of the plumber will be your responsibility (minimum $150). This is not considered equipment failure and you should do everything you can to handle these issues by yourself. Buy a plunger. Unless the contractor can prove it was not caused by you (i.e. roots in system, pipe collapsed, septic tank backup), we assume it was caused by people, not by a defect of the property. Clogged plumbing is your responsibility.

If you have a maintenance issue, please log in to your tenant portal and complete the form so that we can effectively service you. Your requests will be handled in the order that they are submitted with the following response times as guidelines.

Category 1: Emergency Maintenance

Emergency defined: Anything relating to the property under the lease that is threatening to life, health, or the property. Fire (please call 911), flood, sewage back-ups, gas odors (please call gas company), broken water pipes, tree falling on house. Target: 5 to 8 hours

Note: during peak seasonal months, target response times for heat and air may be subject to delays due to contractor overload.

The Following are NOT Emergencies

Refrigerator out, locking yourself out of the house, power or gas off, a/c out and the property has two (2) a/c units, oven not working, water heater out. These issues may be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and aggravating, but they are not emergencies. Crown is not liable for loss of food caused by appliance break down or for damaged belongings due to water leaks. Please make sure that you have adequate renterís insurance to cover unforeseen personal losses.

Category II: Urgent Maintenance

Broken windows, plumbing repairs (not clogged toilets .. see notes below), loose railings, wobbly decks, electrical problems. Target: 2-4 business day service

Note: during peak seasonal months, target response times for heat and air may be subject to delays due to contractor overload.

Category III: Normal Maintenance

Appliance repair, garage repairs, leaky faucets. Target: 4-8 business day service

Category IV: Non-Essential Maintenance

Fence repair, gutter cleaning. Target: 30 day service

Category V: Not a Habitability Issue

Screens; broken lattice; power washing; broken window shade; broken tree limb; missing door stopper; missing door knob; all light bulbs including stove, chandelier, and refrigerator; and fireplace gas keys. Target: Point these items out during next property visit or bring up at lease renewal time. These items may not be approved for repair by the owner.

Maintenance How To's and Common Problems


Furnace doesn't Heat

1 Check the batteries in the thermostat and replace if necessary

2 Turn the thermostat up past the current temperature and listen for a click and to see if the furnace turns on.

3 Locate the furnace and ensure that the power is on to the furnace. This may look like a light switch located on or near the furnace.

4 Locate the furnace filter and check to see if it is dirty. Replace if necessary (remember if we find a dirty filter during any inspection or maintenance check you will be charged $25)

The Air Conditioner blows air but it isn't cold

1 Check the furnace filter to see if it is dirty.

2 Go outside to where the A/C condensor is and visually inspect the line to see if it has ice on it. If it does you will need to turn off the a/c for 24 hours.

The Air Conditioner keeps running and isn't lowering the temperature

1 Check the furnace filter to see if it is dirty.

2 Make sure the vents are open in the upstairs.

3 Make sure the unit turns on when the thermostat sends the signal. If not check the batteries in the thermostat. Also check to make sure the power is on to the unit. You may need to check the breaker to make sure it is not tripped.

The Swamp Cooler doesn't work

1 Turn the swamp cooler to pump and verify that it is pumping water.

2 Verify the water source is on. This may be connected to a hose bib.

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