Pay Rent

Rent is due the 1st of every month by 5pm. If the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday, payment will be due on the business day before the weekend or holiday.

There are 4 ways to Pay Rent.

1. Log in to your Tenant Portal and pay online using an electronic draft from your account. (You may also set up recurring payments*) Online Rental Payment

2. Bring in a certified check or money order to our office. Any personal check will carry a $7.00 processing fee.

3. Go to any Chase Bank branch and deposit right into our account. (call for account #). All deposits to Chase Bank must include your name and property address. If payments are received, but do not contain a name, address, or way of identifying who the payment is from, the payment will not be accepted until it is discovered who it is from. Late fees will be assessed to the date of discovery.

4. Call to our office and we can do an electronic draft. (We can also set up recurring payments*).

*If you have recurring payments set up, you must cancel 48 business hours prior to it being pulled, or it will not be stopped.
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